Andreas Tower, Zurich

Up to date, with promising prospects – both externally and internally.


SBB Immobilien


Gigon /Guyer Architekten, Zürich

Construction year



Implenia Schweiz AG - Buildings Prime Schweiz


  • 10.000 m² unitised double skin façade with an impact proofed glass pane on the outer skin, side-hung windows on the inner skin and venetian blinds in between
  • 1.050 m² sundry façades at basement / ground floor / first floor incl. suspended soffits and cladding in metal/glass, side-hinged doors, sliding doors, revolving doors, a folding door system and mailbox systems
Working at Dobler
Working at Dobler
Working at Dobler
Working at Dobler
Photographer: Franco Tessarolo